Paroles Make It So de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Make It So
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Textes et Paroles de Make It So

In the 24th centuryEverything is peachy keenEverybody has enoughThe replicators replicate all kinds of cool stuffYou can wander all across the universeNo quadrant is too far off to traverseExploration is humanity's highest goalThey've discovered all kinds of planets, they're really on a rollHow can we get there from here?We've lost our way, I fearOh captain, won't you show us where to go?Make it so, make it so, oh, make it soIn the 24th centuryMen and women live in harmonyThere's peace and justice within the human raceAll shapes and colors floating happily through spacePeople run around in trios and in pairsOccupy their time with wild love affairsAncient history recalls the world warsWhen the rich were rich and the poor were poorGotta sprout wings over this brinkWill we rise or will we sink?Captain, won't you show us where to go?Make it so, make it so, oh, make it soIn the 24th century Even the air is cleanOn the earth sparklin' waters runAll the little kids are having lots of funPetrochemicals are a relic of the pastAll the little hovercrafts are built to lastThere's not a smokestack in the skyJust little birdies flyin' happy and highI'm trying to predict through the hazeYeah I'm waitin' for those good old daysCaptain, won't you tell us where to go?Make it so, make it so, oh, make it so

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