Paroles Song for Hugh Thompson de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Song for Hugh Thompson
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Textes et Paroles de Song for Hugh Thompson

Hugh Thompson was a pilot Just like many moreFighting for Old Glory On a far-off, foreign shoreHe was on a lethal mission Only one of manyFollowing his orders To kill the enemy,To kill the enemyHe flew low above the village Searching for the foeWhen he saw a wounded child On the path belowHe thought this to be a sure sign That the enemy was nearSo he radioed for backup and More choppers did appear,More choppers did appear"Help the wounded," he cried out, "And beware of an attack"And then the child died By a bullet through her backAnd when he looked around For the culprits of the sceneIt was a company of men in U.S. military green,U.S. military greenThe dead were in the hundreds Strewn all aroundIn this place called My Lai Which once had been a townThere was a hut of huddled children Soldiers had them in their sightsHugh decided at that moment To fight for what was right,To fight for what was right"Train your weapons on the G.I.'s," And his 'copter crews obeyedAnd stood among the children Tattered and afraidThe whole town had been murderedBut for some kids and widowed wivesAnd Hugh Thompson made sureThat those remaining would survive,That those remaining would surviveIt was a fifteen-minute stand-off In a knee-deep sea of redAmidst the moaning of the dyingAnd the silence of the deadHugh Thompson was a soldierAnd he served his country wellOn the day he saved the livesOf a dozen kids in hell,Of a dozen kids in hell

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