Paroles A Stairway To Nowhere de Dead Soul Tribe

Dead Soul Tribe
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  • Artiste: Dead Soul Tribe8515
  • Chanson: A Stairway To Nowhere
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Textes et Paroles de A Stairway To Nowhere

I am your conscience
I hide your secrets here
I am your feelings
I am the voice you hear
A stairway to nowhere
Ascend to the atmosphere
The key to the great beyond
The door to your darkest fear
Look out

I am the spirit
I am the universal mind
I am the journey
The answer that you hope to find
I am immortal
I am the ancient dream
And I'm neither the dark or light
Rather the shades between
I am your vision
I am your will to live
And I'm your religion
I am your joy to give

Would you like to fly?
Would you like to fly?
Would you like to fly?

If you'd like to find the universal mind
You'll find it has always been with you

I am the passage
I've opened the porthole through the void
I bring the message to you
The ships of salvation are deployed
The final dimension
The light of a guiding star
The only intention
To show you exactly who you are

Would you like to fly?
Would you like to fly?
Would you like to fly?

If you'd like to climb
The stairway to the world divine
You only have to see it through
You'll find that the stairway leads to you

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