Paroles Parasital Epitaph de Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer
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  • Artiste: Demolition Hammer8617
  • Chanson: Parasital Epitaph
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Textes et Paroles de Parasital Epitaph

Pathogenic bio-weapons
More devastating than atomic warfare
War machine fueled by disease
Specters of epidemic
Regions, condemned by contamination
No hope, for future habitation
Terminal plague destroying all in it's path of demise
Micro soldiers, infiltrate life
Consuming mankind from within
Cities topple, ruin and dust
Desolate barren remnant
Secretly dispensed on agriculture
Infester by native populace
Vegetation breeding death
Mass killing of civilians
Virulent vapors immolate
No cure habitat corrodes
Deadly pestilence escalates
Your immune system can't revitalize
Fermenting in a noxious gas
Pernicious toxin neuro massacre
Brutal parasital epitaph
Prophylactics vaccine desist
Systematic death of vital ballations
Inoculations cease to deter
Caustic malignant disease
Elaborate, precautions involved in handling
Containment, essential discharge forbidding
Extreme caution, potential risk of mass suicide
Anthrax laden cattlefeed cakes
Fueling impending decay
Fallen livestock embody foul spores
Festering murderous heaps
Microscopic iconoclast
Infestation of nations reservoirs
Contaminating water supply
Toxic liquid virulence

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