Paroles Pyroclastic Annihilation de Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer
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  • Artiste: Demolition Hammer8617
  • Chanson: Pyroclastic Annihilation
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Textes et Paroles de Pyroclastic Annihilation

Molten debris
Volcanic ash
Seas of boiling mud
Subrelluric forces exploding violently
Pyroclastic matter intense velocity

Blistering jets of steam
Suffocating noxious gas
Incandescent surge, rhyolite monstrosity
Expanding mass of lava and pumice
Columns of smoke
Solid sheet of flames
Paroxysmal rupture, volcanic edifice
Scintilating fissure, erupting orifice

Vapor cloud
Interlacing fiery trails
Wall of toxic fumes rapidly asphyxiates
Intrusive tuft prevails

Incendiary hyle, vulgar mass
Ebullition escalates
Inflammatory pit's effluence
Lithosphere fulminates

Lateral blast, incineration
Candent, viscous flow
Fire belching mountain
Spewing hot ash
Menacing convection

Catastrophic purge, tephra plague
Flaming fragments inundate
Combustive turbid brume, smothering
Fumaroles permeate

Torn crustal plates, assimilation
Magma reservoir
Scoria ejected
Violent shockwaves

Curtain of fire
Hot embers fly
Parasitic flow
Megaton explosion, destructive aperture
Orbs of acid lava, torrid expenditure

Volatile magma bombs
Encrustment of profuse terrain
Inhumating blast, vehement catastrophe
Desolate void remains

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