Paroles Shambling de Dim Mak

Dim Mak
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  • Artiste: Dim Mak23399
  • Chanson: Shambling
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Textes et Paroles de Shambling

Shambling, legion, of fungiInfecting, breeding, intenselyHellwinds, spreading black sporesInfiltrating, feeble, vesselsSlovenly, corrosive, shapelessFlagellates, fouling, the earthlyShuffling, hidden, in shadowShunning, the sun, completelyHungering, lurking, waitingExistingm solely to blasphemeDenizenSlitheringForthFrom catacombsPoisonBrethrenMoist lungsTaintedIntoxicatedHemorrhagingWith rustOf agesUncleanSpectersVehementThallophytesBentOn ruinRepellantRevoltingFiendsContaminatesHeinousHorrificShambling, visitors, murderousIntent, to rule, this planetInsidious, secretions, languishingMindlessly, seeding, defilingEmerging, earthwide, on the mistImpurity, infesting, weaklingsHideous, faceless, shadowlessObscenity, putrid, divisionVulgar, sloughing, particlesSoil, filth, of eonsRepeat part 2Watching, from sightless depthsWaiting, to infestGrotesque, diseased mass,Suffocating, putrescenceSquirmIn excrementWeakHuman fleshDreadful, malevolenceIgnorant, violentAncient, virulentConqueror, malignantRepeat part 5Sicken the blood of humanSicken

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