Paroles How Eye One The Write Too Think de Eyedea

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  • Artiste: Eyedea11652
  • Chanson: How Eye One The Write Too Think
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Textes et Paroles de How Eye One The Write Too Think

It took me a while to relize we were on the same pageI was getting tired of reading it aloud in different waysI aint the only person thats traveled through this mazeNot really sure whether it was me or them that was craaaaazyDigging a hole in every single system, lit the candle to envisionwhats lost in this position, crossing out superstitionsitting in a time macheine. A bleeding mind dreamsof beating my esteem to give the crime scene shining bling.Im no longer a boy scout... cause punching myself in the facewont neccasarily get the voice out!Thats something no one ever took the time to point outbut I had to learn to whisper before I could enjoy shoutingperiodically I feel like I've wasted my breathand all I've got to show for is paper stained inkbut I aint really trippin a the end of the day...cause life is experiance and this is how eye won the write two think!

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