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  • Artiste: Eyedea11652
  • Chanson: Music Music
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I'll be writing till I'm dead or maybe till I'm alive All the emptiness I've bled has only helped me survive Something melted inside when the tones hit my pulse And stifled the idle eagerness to grow...

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Textes et Paroles de Music Music

I'll be writing till I'm dead or maybe till I'm aliveAll the emptiness I've bled has only helped me surviveSomething melted inside when the tones hit my pulseAnd stifled the idle eagerness to grow into my clothesNo one that I know is any longer good at actin'Like they comprehend the motive uncoated to feed the corroded passionActually needs to stay eye level with the restThat's the least I deserve for the love that I've shedI've trudged through the sediment in search of the rhythmDove soul first to bathe nude in its abyssPaid dues and made music my religionNow I listen, close my eyes, and forget I even existI sing a bastard's tune, inspired by the noiseThe ship made before it sank and was finally destroyedI flaunt the grin of a man made for disguising a boyWho tried to avoid showing the cry in his voiceBut there's something special about the notes that he hearsThose scales are redemption, unraveling repressed memoriesAnd when he breathes, a new energy enters and consumes himTo heal his wounds and unseal his doomIf only I could make you understandBut words are just words so I can'tThe universe's deepest art form keeps my heart warm with influenceI tell yaAin't nothing quite as beautiful as MusicTo be an angel, you gotta earn your wingsTo control your own, you gotta burn your stringsTo hit blackjack, you gotta turn a kingBut to live forever, all you gotta do is learn to singI get a pleasure that's inevitably immeasurableAnd I won't let it be rejected by no manWhy does it have to be so damn difficultTo live in the frame of a game that will slit your throat?But I've dug in the mud in search of the drumDove soul first to bathe nude in its abyssStayed true to the music, now my favorite thing to do isClose my eyes and forget that I even existI hold this fistful of degenerate ideasFor every genius that was murdered in the name of JesusStill deaf to the bells that claimed to free usBut I pay homage to my melody 'cause she's the sweetestThe core of our spirit is nakedThe form of its lyrics are sacredBlanketed by the original sound of the inner vibrationsI'm floating on the soft clouds of positive creationSee, I can look at a painting and admire the colorsOr appreciate any type of art that I discoverBut what I dig's invisibleIt's my teacher and I'm its studentI tell yaAin't nothing quite as beautiful as Music

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