Paroles Forged In Blood de Fleshcrawl

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  • Artiste: Fleshcrawl9242
  • Chanson: Forged In Blood
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Textes et Paroles de Forged In Blood

Forged in blood, raised in hell
Our souls, forever lost
Bodies feel the iron force
The anvil meets their flesh
Evil grabs the tortured souls
Of lives they did posess
Hatred inbetween unfolds
They're coming to distress

Our souls, forged in blood
By demons of the dead
Our mind, evilised
Abused to serve the bad
Our flesh, set to rot
To feed the ones below
Our blood starts to spill
And clense the sins we owe

Signs of death unto the wall
Bloodlines of the past
Creatures from the other side
The suffering is vast
Forged in blood, victimised
The truth depicts the lie
Lifeless bodies torturised
Slaves of flesh will die

Obey the sign of hell
Pounding into flesh
Breaking the morbid shell
And revel in their flesh
Condemned to bleed and rot
Crushing in despair
Forged in fucking evil blood
No one will ever care

From the cradle of the dark
Unleashed by the dead
Through the hands of evil hearts
Terror in our heads
From the cradle of the dark
Craving for our blood
From the depths of evil's mark

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