Paroles Rambling Through the Avenues of Time de Flight Of The Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords
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  • Artiste: Flight Of The Conchords12786
  • Chanson: Rambling Through the Avenues of Time
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I was wondering through the streets of the cityRambling through the avenues of timeWhen from nowhere my eyes fell onto a girl, and by chance her eyes fell onto mineSo I sat and I acted all nonchalantShe...

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Textes et Paroles de Rambling Through the Avenues of Time

i was wandering through the streets of the cityrambling through the avenues of timewhen from nowhere my eyes fell onto a girland by chance her eyes fell onto mineso i sat and acted all non-nonchalantshe smoked her lavender cigarettereading the future that lay in my handsmy shadow played a bass clarinet(where you going with this bret?)we waltzed down a moonlight boulevardjust two silhouettes in the mist (ah yes)days went by and years went bymoments went by when we kissed(when was this?)she said your beard is woven of heartacheand we'll drink for the lonely tonightand the moon is a horny old drunkard(uh bret, could you please move over to your right?)we drank dandelion wine and we reminisced about the moment we first met that day(i'm trying to watch tv)then we reminisced about how we first reminisced(oh yeah? sounds a bit gay)she handed me a broken memorya keepsake to forever most say?a brief taste of love is as sweet as anyand with that she made her way(oh yeah? what was her name?)she said her name was a secretthen she said her name was cherie(was her middle name cherieso it's a secret cherie maybe?)mm, maybe(what'd she look like?)she looked like a parisian river(what dirty?)she looked like a chocolate eclair(that's rare)her eyes were reflections of eyes(oh nice)and the rainbows danced in her hair(aw yeah)she reminded me of winter's morning(what frigid?)her perfume as eau de toilette(what's that mean?)she was comparable to cleopatra(quite old)she's like shakespeare's juliette(what thirteen?)the bohemians of soho did pirouettesas we waltzed through the streets of manhattanon rivers of ribbon and sailboats of songthere's a girl i described she's as real as the windit's true i saw her todaythe other details are inventionsbecause i prefer her that way.

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