Paroles Some People Like That de G. Love And Special Sauce

G. Love And Special Sauce
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  • Artiste: G. Love And Special Sauce13915
  • Chanson: Some People Like That
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Textes et Paroles de Some People Like That

So many different
Flavors for variety
Smooth in the mixing
Fixing a hole for myself
To be sitting
Never slipping
Cause I'm like that
It's not my choice
It's my voice so despite that
I'm living in my own time
For my sign
My signal
Won't mingle
I could still dig other keys
On the ring
All together now
Some people
Never satisfied
Can't be I've seen it
Got what they want
But still want more
I mean it
Some people
Don't got nothing
And they want even less
Some confess and some stress
What's going on
Some people is like that
Dig the eyes
Where it all goes down
The eyes because a glance caught skittish
That means we missed this
Chance to dig each other
Another bound and then another
Some people get scared
From situation that presents a tension
Then they wonder about events
Not mentioned
Some people like to look just like each other
Some can't never be clever
And some people think they're better
Some people got attitude
Backed up with attitude
People got to prove
That they could groove
To be smooth
Rude shit is dumb
Some people
Quiet chill laid
Some people make noise
Sometimes sit spart stick
With my boys
Shut up man just listen to the music
I use it I'm like that
Some people is like that

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