Paroles Kiss Me Baby de Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua
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  • Artiste: Harvey Fuqua16531
  • Chanson: Kiss Me Baby
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Textes et Paroles de Kiss Me Baby

We go together like a hand & glove
We can do a lot of nothin' but a whole lot of love
Kiss me, kiss me baby, kiss me baby
& love me, love me all night long

Now I'm gonna buy you a new car
A Mercedes-Benz & a Jaguar
But you gotta kiss me, kiss me baby
You gotta lay one on me, baby
& love me, love me all night long

Maybe you may think that I'm foolin'
Maybe that's why you keep on coolin'
Maybe I'm just not your kind
But I can't get you off my mind

& before I kiss you, give me a smack
Kiss me, kiss me, if you don't kiss back
You gotta kiss me (kiss me baby)
Kiss me baby (kiss me baby)
You gotta kiss me baby
& love me, love me all night long

Look out, look out, look out!
(scat singing)

(repeat bridge & verse 3)

Look here, come on
Kiss me baby (kiss me baby)
Kiss me baby (won't you kiss me)
You gotta kiss me baby
You gotta kiss me baby (kiss me baby)
Kiss me baby & love me, love me all night
Love me all night long, yeah
Kiss me baby (kissing sound)

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