Paroles The Sky Seemed So Red Today de il gato

il gato
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  • Artiste: il gato52021
  • Chanson: The Sky Seemed So Red Today
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Textes et Paroles de The Sky Seemed So Red Today

The sky seemed so red today, whether it was all the flashlights as flares, or just that the sun finally decided to disappear.
And I don't know if the sun will ever find it's place; because Jupiter's cold and busy with other things, as is the rest of space.
And I don't know if I'll notice with my eyes directed down as my heartstrings are pulled and oh how they never know the ground.
And do you think people will ever change, or will my feet kick your pants and it won't feel so strange as now, when all of time has let out, and we are all just floating away?
As when, on our day of reckoning, we find out it was all just a mistake?

Trees fell to the ground, a large oak full of birds on the floor or haven't you heard before the chirps from the dirt, crying, "Save me please, because the darkness is closing in and the demons will be released from the sky up above to glow with wondrous light!"
And so I clamor all day, and find myself exhausted at night as the days come with skies glowing red, and I think it's the pain in my heart and not the pain in my head that keeps me quiet, within all of my might, when I come to your lonely room and sing my song, when all noise has gone, to become your passionate brew.

And I say, "We will be inebriated tonight, and rest with our fear; as cowards who find sleep when heaven is near, but we'll tell stories of loss and stories of hope as we watch all of our confidence slowly grow out of our ears and into our minds;
to become drunk on our dreams, become the leaders of our time which is always slowly fading, as all moments do, from the red of the sun to the blue of the moon".
And I'll be reminded once more that we are all pieces of a puzzle, wondering wild in this whimsical world full of bubbles, trading our time for a life full of poisoned perfume and a stint in the same poignant cartoon of colors unreal, and weather unfelt, and never ask why all of our time is for sale and our words are never sung,
and our days merely become coffins only missing the nails with skin that slowly fails, and a sun that can only shine pale.

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