Paroles Burning Red (The Fa Fa Fa Song) de il gato

il gato
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  • Artiste: il gato52021
  • Chanson: Burning Red (The Fa Fa Fa Song)
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Textes et Paroles de Burning Red (The Fa Fa Fa Song)

For all you lost children, this is your Welcome in"
Because it's not over yet, the embers, I sense, are burning red.
But we are still holding tight; scanning the skies - preparing for flight,
And in spite all these slippery things might, a glimmer of a glimmer fills my eyes!

Far away. Far away. Far away.

Please come here, bend real close, all you humans, spirits and ghosts.
Because this is our one big chance to grow - to tear down the walls so the light can show.
So, now we will shout to the heavens, now that we finally have their attention.
Our fears are gems (to fill our heads); so we embrace them, and now they are burning red!

Far away. Far away. Far away.

Far away! Far away! Far away!

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