Paroles Stygian Darkness de Inborn Suffering

Inborn Suffering
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  • Artiste: Inborn Suffering33976
  • Chanson: Stygian Darkness
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Textes et Paroles de Stygian Darkness

Same shapes, same lies
That struck in, with pain
It''ll never change
The way to
Silent oblivion
Of the self

Another day is to come
Another plan is to come
When you stand at the gates
Of your own dreams
Which take you to the land with no dawn

Can't you fell this abyss's appealing
Can't you breath the scent of black lotus
From the depths of ophidian temple
Where you soul stand free
In insidious darkness

Behold here is a land of despair
No time past, horizons lost, nothing dwells
But scorched earth, but silence....

It crawls to you
In fever & plague
It pounds in your chest
It penetrates you

Liturgies of an extinct world
To the blessed
Chants of knowledge
Mask of fear
Haunting Chimerus
The gleam in the eye of Seth Yet
Another way is to come

Another being is to come
When you stand at the gates
Of your own dreams
Which take you to the land with no Dawn

Can't you feel this abyss's appealing
Can't you feel that the key is near
Wit the promise of an eternity
With opened eyes
As the spirit leaves the body
Enter the Stygian darkness void.

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