Paroles Cabal Of Thieves de Inferi

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  • Artiste: Inferi34016
  • Chanson: Cabal Of Thieves
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Textes et Paroles de Cabal Of Thieves

[music by M. Pugh / lyrics by J. Harrell, M. Pugh]

We come for blood, all that belongs to you
Surrender both flesh and blood
With shining steel in hand, we will run through you
No escape from the end

With no remorse we'll capture you
Killing men, women and children too
Ravaging your town tonight won't leave until we're through
Leaving only ash and bone, your kind has met a certain doom

Run to your sanctuary and we'll just burn it down
Run to your master no mercy to be found
Like locust consuming everything in sight
We'll pillage your village in just one night

We are alone on this cold dark road
You don't know what is coming, we are alone

The skies are filling with the ashes of burning bodies
Wicked souls and blackened hearts
Evil reigns supreme

Now its time to gather our men
To escape and do it again

Wicked souls and blackened hearts
Our hatred has no end
No mercy to be found, we will do it again
This is the end of everything you've ever known and loved
Godless soulless lifeless
Everything in life is gone
Your execution it is our victory our pride

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