Paroles Cursed Unholy de Inferi

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  • Artiste: Inferi34016
  • Chanson: Cursed Unholy
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Textes et Paroles de Cursed Unholy

[Music and lyrics by Malcolm Pugh]

The comets fall from out of the sky
Destroying the crowns that they love
Birthing a famine for all of mankind
To feed on the flames from above
Erased by darkness

Cursed unholy, they'll be baptized tonight
In the river of blood and be cast from the light

Their kingdoms crumbled in the blink of an eye
Before their prayers were spoken
Rest assured the bravest will cry
Before the first soul is stolen
Helplessly, the sands of time
The soul will soon learn to forget... in the fire

Eternally enslaved
The pain will never change
Sulfur in the wounds forever... FOREVER

Bow down before the thrown
You're cursed unholy
Bow down before the thrown
Your wounds will never heal

Cursed unholy, they'll be baptized tonight
In the river of blood and be cast from the light

They see their soldiers falling one by one
With darkness rising, the battle is not won

Every corpse shall rise in effigy of man
I command thee...
Burn it down and build again

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