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Infernal Poetry
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  • Chanson: The Higher Cause
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Textes et Paroles de The Higher Cause

Lord, ancient father
Dissolve the mist
Bring the light
Forgive my life

My wan life
Wasn't what they talk me (about)
Serve : born to serve
In glory and decay
Give me back my form
My drab form
You blew my will away
Chains- your divine chains
Eternal cross on me

Give me back my form, I will reborn
Put your string down and let me exist

Beyond the endless time, of eternal will and being
Just a grain in the desert sand till my reign will be complete
Winds of fire blows below, as my whispers shapes a life
As the human memories they are doomed to die

Why did you call me son?
Why slowly wither and die?
Why have I only been praying?
Why did I build up your reign?

Lord you called me son
You choose my choice
Extirpate my eyes

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