Paroles Ancient Sword Of The Dead de Ironsword

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  • Artiste: Ironsword48448
  • Chanson: Ancient Sword Of The Dead
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Textes et Paroles de Ancient Sword Of The Dead

On wheels of pain the whip cracked on
Flames of rage and hate were fed
Columns of sadness throughout the snow
In the arena I laughed at death

Like phoenix rising
Out of the fire and darkness
The sword...

Ancient sword of the dead
Ancient sword of the dead

Hear the ballad of singing swords
At my youth the future foretold
Once bitten by the serpent of druids
Times of chaos we will behold

Ancient sword of the dead
Ancient sword of the dead

Ancient sword of the dead
Revealed to me on this night
On the wings of an eagle
I'm hoping to fly
Hordes of helmeted skeleton's
Hiss the Atlantean rhymes
Bestowed I now realise
That this sword afterall lives in mind

Unleashed is the scoria of my kingdom
Searching the valley, the guardians are waiting
Our freedom can only be restored
When the sword of burning Metal is wield

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