Paroles Touching Me de JoJo

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  • Artiste: JoJo3061
  • Chanson: Touching Me
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Textes et Paroles de Touching Me

Your .. girl is irresistible sensational invincible
You got them all you're my fantasy
Is difficult let it be
I never feel your fingertips
Hold me close by my hand
Then we kiss but it's just a dream
It's been a while what I need


I wanna feel you touching me
And I feel you touching me
It feels so good
I wanna feel you touching me
Touching me
Open my body (repeats)

.. a waste of time
Unassured of you and i
Didn't know what to do
What to feel
Where you stand and what you feel
Watching the wind we get close
Burning up at the down and nothing can
Pull me up to fall in love when I am in your arms


You can wait if you want to
But I want you to touch me

Open my body (repeats)

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