Paroles Mouthful of poison de Kittie

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  • Artiste: Kittie3207
  • Chanson: Mouthful of poison
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Textes et Paroles de Mouthful of poison

Blood spilt
Heart felt
Head filled
Play dead

Consider yourself
Not my friend
Enemy number one
You are bound
And gagged
Sacred circle
Broken trust, now the plague
Has been cast
On your town
Acid tongue
Venom word
Why bother to lie?
Leave the lamb behind

Your mouthful of
Your mouthful of lead and lies
Your mouthful of
Your mouthful of lead and lies

Don't walk
Into fire
You might find
That you'll get burned
What a find
Dirty face
Guilt at last
Is this the
Lesson that's learned?
Can you hear
Your own blood
In your veins
Calling out your demise?
A word to the wise

(au Refrain)

I can't hear you scream
Drowning so it seems
I can't hear you scream
Drowning so it seems
Your mouth is full of poison

what was that
say it to my face

2001  "Oracle"

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