Paroles Never Look Away de KJ-52

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  • Chanson: Never Look Away
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Textes et Paroles de Never Look Away

Featuring Brynn Sanchez

I once was lost but then you found me and loved me
And I'm never gonna look away
No I'm never gonna look away
You paid the cost you showed me how you bought me
And I'm never gonna look away
No I'm never gonna look away

Who am I? Just a thief nobody cares about
The kind that would run up in your house
Steal your jewels and couch
Been on the run for so long but they caught me now
They hung me on this cross I'm on and I see the crowd
But next to me is someone who I've heard about
They say he heals the blind and lame but I got my doubts
So what's his name I can't remember someone screamed it out
Said it was Jesus but this man didn't make a sound
He hung there breathing with the blood running down his mouth
He'd been beaten a crown of thorns now was on his brow
See what I've done is just the reason why I'm hanging now
But this man is innocent and I can see it now
I said Jesus are you listening do you hear me now
Remember me just on the day you bring your kingdom down
I want to change my ways I really want your freedom now
He took my sin away and this is why I say it loud


He turned his head and said today you're gonna be with me
Cause very soon I'll be dead but I'm a set you free
Cuz every drop that I've bled is so that you would see
That it was shed for you to be with me eternally
The other thief he just laughed at what he said to me
Said you ain't coming back you're nothing what you claim to be
If you was king then why'd they hang you next to me
See what I think is you're a liar and it's plain to see
But Jesus was silent and soon time began to pass
He cried It is finished and went and breathed his last
He died the sky was rumbling and started turning black
But I knew he'd come again because I knew the facts
My time to die is coming soon and it's coming fast
It's hard to breathe I'm trying to I began to gasp
I can't deny what is true cause it's all I have
Now I knew that paradise is where I'm heading at

I had a debt I could not pay
Your love broke through took it away
I once was lost now I'm found to you I make this joyful sound

Please remember me Lord when you come again
Time is passing by my life is coming to the end
I'm about to die it's time so please let me in
Please remember me Lord when you come again

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