Paroles Holding on for you de Liberty X

Liberty X
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  • Artiste: Liberty X3137
  • Chanson: Holding on for you
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Textes et Paroles de Holding on for you

Sunshine fades to gray
The second I'm away
Minutes turn to hours
Without you
Time keeps marching on
Now summers been and gone
And I'm still here alone
Still waiting.

I'm on my own
A million miles away
Temptation all around
I won't be long
So please be strong
Cos I'm holding on for you

Trust is all it takes
But people make mistakes
Cos we are only human
Lets face it
I struggle through the day
Pretend that I'm okay
I make believe that you're here
Beside me

(au Refrain)

You are the only one that I truly believe in
So don't ever think that I would ever deceive you baby
Without a doubt you are my rhyme and my reason
And I won't let you down

(au Refrain)

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