Paroles I Will Be Waiting de Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield
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  • Artiste: Lisa Stansfield3298
  • Chanson: I Will Be Waiting
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Textes et Paroles de I Will Be Waiting

(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/A. Morris)
Tell me what you need to give
Let me know if I should lead you on
Take time to understand
The magic in you

Don't be frightened of the truth
'Cos the truth can only make you stronger
Have faith in what you do
Have faith in you

Whenever you call I'll be there
Honey I'll beg steal or borrow for you
'Cos baby there's so much to share in love
In love

I will be waiting for you
Waiting for time to heal your wounds
And I will be thinking of you
Knowing love will bring you back to me
'Cos our love is true

If you've been saving up your tears
Well mine's a shoulder you can cry on
It's so easy to believe
Believe in me

Only hurt can heal the pain
All the pain that's swelling up inside you
Gotta face up to the truth
Be true to you


Whenever you call I'll be there
Honey I'll beg steal or borrow for you
'Cos baby there's so much to share in love In love, that's why


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