Paroles Behind The Sun de Living Colour

Living Colour
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  • Artiste: Living Colour25749
  • Chanson: Behind The Sun
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Textes et Paroles de Behind The Sun

Living behind the dark side of the sun everyone's here but nobody comes things are finished before they've begun life is beautiful behind the sun you may see you may care we're still here you're still there everyone's happy life is sweet parallel lines that never meet it's cold and lonely but we still believe the waters rise and no relief you may see you may care we're still here you're still there if you come to help me you're wasting your time but if your struggle is bound up with mine and we've begun and from each one behind the sun promises made but nothings done forgotten ones behind the sun if you've come to help me (promises made) you're wasting your time (but nothings done) but if your struggle (forgotten ones) is bound up with mine (behind the sun) if you come to help me (behind the sun) you're wasting your time (behind the sun)

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