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Living Colour
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  • Chanson: Leave It Alone
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Textes et Paroles de Leave It Alone

We must never take these words too seriously
Words are very important but then if we take them too seriously
We destroy every thing...

I'm not one of those joiners
I'm not down with the club
There's no place I'm going to
You see, it's the hole I dug

I just leave it alone
I just leave it alone
I just leave it alone

I'm not down with this one
Their motives are much too severe
And that one, they're much too serious
I don't plan to make this a career

I just leave it alone
I just leave it alone
I just leave it alone

We're always talking about peace
But it's pieces that we find
What's with all this tension?
What is on your mind?

Why are we always talking about peace?
But it's pieces that we find
Tell me what's with all this tension
Tell me what is on your mind

I wouldn't get into that one
Naw, don't go for all their hype
And you know I'll never be like that one
Come on, I'm just not the type

Well I gotta leave it alone
Just gotta leave it alone
Gonna just leave it alone
Just gotta leave it alone
No, no, no

Leave it alone
Leave it alone
Leave it alone

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