Paroles Voodoo Lake de Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • Artiste: Lynyrd Skynyrd4106
  • Chanson: Voodoo Lake
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Textes et Paroles de Voodoo Lake

(Johnny VanZant -- Chris Eddy -- Bob Britt)
Way down yonder you can hear the wind blow
Through the tall grass growing in the old bayou
The old bayou

There's a dark haired woman that looks so fine
Wearing hand me down clothes, drinking homemade wine
No one ever knew who her daddy was
The people down here say it's all because
She's the daughter of the devil, the sister of a snake
The keeper of souls down on Vodoo Lake

There's a city boy across the county line
Came looking for the legend of the girl so fine
Well the stories that he heard, well they had to be lies
But he found out different when he looked inher eyes
Well he tried to run away but she had control
He's findin' out now what everybody knows
He knew it was over when she started to shake
Now there's one more soul down on Voodoo Lake

There's an eerie silence at the break of dawn
A chill in the air, something wrong
When a shadow crosses the ground
Those long lost souls never make a sound
You'd think by now they'd realize
She'll never break her bayou ties

She's the daughter of the devil, the sister of a snake
The keeper of souls down on Voodoo Lake

Voodoo Lake, Voodoo Lake
Daughter of the Devil, sister of a snake
Voodoo Lake
Down on Voodoo Lake, Down on Voodoo Lake
You can see her down on Voodoo Lake

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