Paroles From Beyond de Massacre

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  • Artiste: Massacre6485
  • Chanson: From Beyond
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Textes et Paroles de From Beyond

Emerging from the shadows
Comes the scourge of annihilation
Crossing the spheres of reality
To bring forth consternation

Horror beyond description
Unnatural bizarre fear
Altered and disfigured
A strange macabre terror
Through the ultra-violet
From the bottom of creation
Past the cosmic barriers
Into this world...From Beyond!

Enter the hordes of chaos
Out of the realm of obscuration
Their conquest has now begun
Of all human obliteration

[Repeat chorus]

Simultaneously they appear
Repulsive animated beings
In a kaleidoscopic void of light
Creatures of inept creations
Foreign alien monstrosities
Devouring and fusing together
Forms of infinite madness
Ripping at my mind

[Repeat 1st verse, chorus]

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