Paroles Cryptic Realms de Massacre

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  • Artiste: Massacre6485
  • Chanson: Cryptic Realms
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Textes et Paroles de Cryptic Realms

[Lyrics: Lee, Music: Rozz]

Enter into the Netherworld
Forbidden tombs of horrors
Unhallowed Darkened Abyss
Full of Grotesque mutations

Obscure shadows project
From out of the Stygian black
Chronic screams of terror
Diabolical banishment awaits...

Transcend deeper into dark
Astral gates unfold
Crimson spirits awake
Apparitional figures appears

Pneumatic dead surpass
Supernatural beings exceed
Trapped within this nightmare
Exiled into the cryptic realms

Vanish beyond the grave
Mystical perpetual sleep
Cultivate visions and illusions
Horrorfying universe of bizarre

Vaults of demonic doom
Holding the hideous blackness
Vortex of chaotic evil
Monstrosities of death!

[Repeat 1st verse, chorus]

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