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Masters and Commander
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  • Chanson: Camel
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Textes et Paroles de Camel

Once upon a time the circus came to town
It was very large and also quite well known.
It brought crazy creatures, some even from the hell,
And some stupids camels came with them as well.


And the camels they smoke camel.
Have a guess what's happ'ning here?
Then they watch the porno channel
And they drink some pints of beer.

But then the cigarettes run out and all you heard was a loud shout,
When the father told his son: Come on and get a new one!
Poor unlucky camel was running on the street
It didn't see the truck until the brakes made SHREEK.
It jumped from the road, happy about his trick
But it landed on the rails and the train was very quick.

Refrain: ...

Poor little camel now is hanging on the front of the train
And travels through the whole wide world even by the rain.
And while Big Camel Daddy is waiting with big Bammel
His son sticks on the train and makes Werbung for the Camel.

Refrain: ...

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