Paroles Drifter de Mike Mains And The Branches

Mike Mains And The Branches
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  • Artiste: Mike Mains And The Branches47605
  • Chanson: Drifter
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Textes et Paroles de Drifter

If you're calling me a drifter,
I'd say you're probably right
Just trying to get to where I'm going
Even if I don't know where it is

And if you're calling me a liar
Well, a liar is fine
I'm so sorry to have hurt you
I'll leave you alone

Cause I've been so stuck on myself
Can't seem to help anyone else

Tear me down again and build me back anew
Rid me of myself and fill me up with you
Take me to the place where I once knew
You were for me and not against me

And if you say I have no peace
I'd say you're probably right
Cause I can't seem to find it
You see I don't know what it is

My God, my God, my past haunts me
From the top of the morning to the bottom of the night
So sick, so sick of walking in darkness
Oh please shine your light


Tell me where to run and that's where I'll go
I want so bad for once just to finally know
That I'm not above and I'm not below
The place that you want me

I've burned so many bridges
I've run out of bridges to burn
I've failed so many times
I'm wondering if I'll ever learn
It's you I need, Its you I want,
It's you who can complete
This very world, this very life
That you've begun in me


Create in me a new heart and make it clean
A single-minded pursuit of everything
That you would desire from this offering
That you call my life

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