Paroles Lady Love de Mike Mains And The Branches

Mike Mains And The Branches
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  • Artiste: Mike Mains And The Branches47605
  • Chanson: Lady Love
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Textes et Paroles de Lady Love

Let's put a patch over this hole
And make our lips smile
Let's pretend we never said
'I love you.'

'Cause Lady Love, O Lady Love
What have we become
If you're the center of my universe
Then tell me,
What is life when you're gone?

I gave you keys to open me
But I should know they don't belong to you and me
The voice inside me still softly speaks
'Be still, be still.'

Rest your head, O rest your head
It's been spinnin' in circles around yourself
There is no peace, O there is no peace
If I'm not living in the thought you think.

Can we just start over?
Can we just start over?
Can we just start over?
Can we just start....
Can we just start over?
Can we just start over?
I wanna start over
Can we just start over?

Lady love, O Lady Love
What have we become?
If you're the center of my universe
Then tell me what is left you're gone?
I tell you, nothin's left when you're gone.

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