Paroles Rush You de Mike Mains And The Branches

Mike Mains And The Branches
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  • Chanson: Rush You
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Textes et Paroles de Rush You

I was born
In the doorway
Felt the warmth of love
From my mother's arms
She loved my father completely
We tore apart
Like a body in a crashed car

How the years they moved me
Into places that I had never known
How i learned so quickly
You want to make it in life
You just can't do it alone

I don't want to rush you
I don't want to rush you
No, no, no
Just take your time

Let's pack our things and hurry
Our lives are now
And there only passing by
You say; "My love, don't worry
This world will never
Conquer you and I."
Oh no, it won't.

I'm reveling upon this six string
The crowds got there hands in the clouds
I tell my mother don't worry
Your boy is going to make you proud
She says; "Oh, I know you will."


We're getting older
Still I wonder
Are we learning from our mistakes?
Will our children have homes
To live in if we continue this way?

She said
"I just want to hold you
Come on and let me hold you
Until everything that's bad has blown away."


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