Paroles The Prophecy de Mistweaver

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  • Artiste: Mistweaver6631
  • Chanson: The Prophecy
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Textes et Paroles de The Prophecy

Here i stay waitting for the end
I hear the wolves howls
calling me!!!

Sinister shadows are surrounding me
In the darkness- eyes of fear
watching me!!!

The words have been said now
I wish they had never been said
It's too late now
The prophecy will fulfil

My suffering is untold
Fear is oppressing my chest
The past, memories of my life
Present fades- there is no future

The ancient prophecy fulfils
Only the end will last
Destruction's here, evil will prevail
Come sweet death, here i am

My scripts tell my sorrows
Read them carefully and you will see
The wickedness i have lived
And the pain i felt

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