Paroles The Desired Evil(evil Deceit) de Mourning Misery

Mourning Misery
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  • Artiste: Mourning Misery28095
  • Chanson: The Desired Evil(evil Deceit)
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Textes et Paroles de The Desired Evil(evil Deceit)

He's a blister on my tongue
A knife through my ear
And a scalpel piercing my eyes
He makes me lust a gun
Shoot a bullet through his head and he still wouldn't be dead
He frightens me, because I know I can't destroy him alone
The way he does these things that affect me in the worst of ways
He never seems to care
When I'm bent over puking from the outcome of his harmful provocations (they always lead to harmful actions)
There must be someone out there who will love me
Someone who cares
Jesus Christ, save me
For he (Satan) tortures me so, he always looks so nice, or that's what it seems until he gets past my eyes.
The devil, he, doesn't care how much you hurt he only wants more.
He tries to steal my life when I'm trying to give it back to the one who gave it to me in the first place. To the one who sacrificed himself through his hands and through his feet. Through everything
His love consumes me.
Pray for Jesus to save your life
He loves us, let him be your savior before you let your last breath feed the devil.

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