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Soft Charisma
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  • Chanson: Jesus is Okay
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Textes et Paroles de Jesus is Okay

Okay, I'll tell you the truth

And I said unto him
The meaning of life is so much more
Than anything I could explain

He told me he doesn't
Oh no he doesn't understand
Why should I blame him

He tells me you try to
Let me down
But I found my own way
Back on home

And you tried to push me around
And I got myself back up
Off the ground

Then I told him
Hey man I'm sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you

Then he said

And if you push me again
I'll just push you back
I don't care if you call the cops

And jesus said

That's not nice
No that's not nice
That just isn't nice
To say to anyone

And then he said (not jesus but the man who wasn't nice)

Hey jesus
Get off my front porch
I'll never follow you and your ways

And jesus said

I love you still
I couldn't think of a reason not to

It's okay I'll go ahead and go
I don't care if you don't believe in

What I've been teaching my whole life
Running around in these silly sandals oh yeah


Satan passed on down the road
In his fancy chevrolet

He said he got a deal on it
Even though it's pink

It doesn't reflect nothing
God damnit!

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