Paroles A Bayonette Doesn't Make You A Hero de MyChildren MyBride

MyChildren MyBride
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  • Artiste: MyChildren MyBride9260
  • Chanson: A Bayonette Doesn't Make You A Hero
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Textes et Paroles de A Bayonette Doesn't Make You A Hero

The war has been one!
Today we will take that hill
Today we will conquer that plane
Today we will win this war

Gather around the campfire
And smile for the photo
You'll all be heros someday

Wait for it

He needs a medic, Don't leave him there to die
Let's end this war for ourselves and them,
And are families
Let's not lose this war of wars

Let's win this war that's already won.
I will not fail me we will not lose this war,
Listen up we have already won
Grab your musket and march forward
Jump on your war horse and ride into eternity

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