Paroles The Season Shaped In Black de Nargathrond

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  • Artiste: Nargathrond13628
  • Chanson: The Season Shaped In Black
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Textes et Paroles de The Season Shaped In Black

(I) welcome the season shaped in black
(Soul blinded), eyes not seeing anymore
Where have all these tears gone
Where have YOU gone, and where am I?

Won't you let me see you
Once again, naked in despair
Won't you let me touch you
Once again, withered in disgrace

Nothing but imaginary pain
The one I suffer each my single day
Nothing but your empty words
The ones you proved with lies

The morning we have never seen
The evening we bereaved
Encircled in a distant flame
Death became our (longing and) belief

As days are passing by
Night is getting closer
Yes, this is but our time
The end we've dreamt of

Nothing but imaginary pain
The one I suffer each my single day
Nothing but your empty words
The ones you proved with lies

Craving was you for the blood of mine...
... what was it, hidden deep inside your heart
Nothing but most anxious aim
... wasn't it a perfect love?

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