Paroles So Nice de Scribe

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  • Artiste: Scribe6557
  • Chanson: So Nice
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Textes et Paroles de So Nice

(feat. Ladi 6)

I Said Im So High Put Me On This Year We Number One Pass A Beer Cheers Neva Thought We'd Be Up In Here

Chrishchuruch City So Pretty In The Suma Time We Drop The Summer Rhymin It Got To Be Double Time
So High Lazy Eye Down For Wateva Uh Uh You No Im Beta Than The Ninteenth Feather Leather As To The Sizzy I Rizzy A Bizzy Man Can Rap To Get Bust Cant Get Busy The Way I Can Im Well Knoiwn To Expand On Ya I'll Leave You Touched Without Layin A Hand On You Ya'll Know The "Who Who" We Cumin "Thru Thru" Represent My "Crew Crew" Takin You On A Ride A Ride A Ride Its Like

Oh You Sound So Nicre Your The Love Of Mine [x2]

I Heard Bout Her Back In 86 Wen I Went To Skool With Voodoo Child Spax Span And Lady Six
8:30 Sharp Wit The Ali On Callisbrook We May Be Late But We Got A Way For Cook
Back In The Day My Brother Was The Man Man Battles Came To And Wen He Dropped His Hand Span
Neva Tell Her How Felt Bout Her I Jjst Kept It Inside And Watched The Other People Crowd Around Her
But I Was In The Back Finkin Of Little Raps Scheming On The Waist So I Could Make Contact
We Fell In Love And Struggled Over The Wrong Rap Round The Time I Got Caught Stealing Form The Top Rack But She Incoureged Me Showed Me How To Stop That Made Me Realize I Was Chillin Wit The Rong Cats So Jjst For You I Sat Down And Rote This Song Phat To Let You No That The Scribe Is Back On Track

Oh You Sound So Nicre Your The Love Of Mine [x2]

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