Paroles What I Do! de Sepultura

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  • Artiste: Sepultura4021
  • Chanson: What I Do!
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Textes et Paroles de What I Do!

Eyes bloodshot, I see a broken face
At any moment this can all just turn to pain
I'm feeling empty, so I unrelieved
Cause what I do, I do cause I like to do!

A life in my hands, a power so grand
You think it's over but you just keep pushing me
Don't try to reason, can't hardly wait
Cause what I do, I do cause I like to do!

No need to fight me, can't run away
It doesn't matter you'll be fucked up anyway
My mind is twisted, most of the time
Cause what I do, I do cause I like to do!

I'm on a mission, only one way
I insert the fear in the hearts of my enemies
I walk with clenched fists, no other way
Cause what I do, I do cause I like to do!

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