Paroles Fuchsia Box of Pain de Soft Charisma

Soft Charisma
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  • Artiste: Soft Charisma39981
  • Chanson: Fuchsia Box of Pain
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Textes et Paroles de Fuchsia Box of Pain

What am I supposed to do
I'm all alone here

You can't help me where I am
Inside this fuschia box of pain

It hurts- it hurts to say the truth
I wish that it would set me free

How will you- how will you feel
Will you accept me for who I

And today I lost a part
A part of me that was with me from the start

Tomorrow morning
I'll wake up

I'll reach beside me
And no one will be there
No one will be there
No one will be there

What a world to be living in
Living in a world- living in a girl

Breaking all the boundries
Everyone says I am mistaken

It hurts- it hurts to see the truth
A truth no one can believe

I found my place- I found my place
Maybe you should find yours yourself

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