Paroles Harmony de Soft Charisma

Soft Charisma
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  • Artiste: Soft Charisma39981
  • Chanson: Harmony
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Textes et Paroles de Harmony

Harmony, Harmony
Ohhhhhh ohhh ohh
Ohhhh ohhh ohhh ohhhh
Oh oh

Is made for you and me
You should know how to use it
If you don't know, I'll show you to it

Is a weapon of mass construction
One who harnesses it
Will be the one who does it

Ohhhhhhhh ohhh ohh ohh ohh ohh

Puts the world together
Claps your hands together
Makes it all better

Puts a life in order
Paints across the border
Into our recorders

Made your mom and father
And gave them a daughter

That feeling in your pocket
Is the placemat on your doorstep

Is made for you and me
Will you let me show you
It will help you to be you

Ohhhhhh ohh ohh ohh ohhhh
Ohhh ohhh ahhh ohh ohhhh

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