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Soft Charisma
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  • Chanson: Who I Am
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Textes et Paroles de Who I Am

Who I am
Is who I am
It is plain to see

I can't be
Not who's me
So now here's my song

I like to stay at home
I eat only certain foods
I like to listen to the same songs (over and over)
I would rather write than read (i'm sorry, it's the truth, oh you know me)

When in love my life revolves
Around my one and only

I've never known much of being selfish
When I see you I am
But if you want me to not, I accept that

If you do that is great
We will surely make it through
Regardless of me or you

This we know as true

So here I am
And there you are
I am asking you

If it's wrong
I don't want it right
All I want is you

I want to stay up late
But only to celebrate
This is just what happens
I've learned to accept that

When I am missing you
Life becomes a zoo
I really wouldn't want it
Any other way

Any other way
Would surely be
Who I'm not
And that's not me

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