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Stuck Mojo
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  • Artiste: Stuck Mojo8073
  • Chanson: The One
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Textes et Paroles de The One

This lesson starts with some wisdom
A king must build himself a kingdom
Predatory instinctive, creature admired
And my people's teacher
An Alpha male with a focus
Easily angered like a swarm of locust
Affiliation to no groups or milita
Like a sniper, I won't miss ya

Fruitless attempt to be a man, you don't understand
No pride, no respect
Where you stand defines the man
So put yourself in check

The one is here now bow down, you want to be like me
Live it - love it - be it
You want to be like me
King of kings so step off
You want to be like me
The one is here now bow down

Sketchy twitchy little person
Woody Allen, a famous version
Of what this tale is about
Heed the word and shut the mouth
Go and hide run for shelter
Forget your girl, you couldn't help her
Strong surviving, the weak be eaten
Rise up or start retreating

A jelly fish in stature
Focused on things that just don't matter
A skinny, pathetic, gutless creature
Respected like a molesting preacher
Lonely, and it's the best thing for ya'
Family, but they all deplore ya'
Search to find that deep inside
There's no place to hide

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