Paroles Delirium (When Will It End?) de Taraxacum

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  • Artiste: Taraxacum6381
  • Chanson: Delirium (When Will It End?)
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Textes et Paroles de Delirium (When Will It End?)

White walls confine me in this empty place
Pacing the hallways in a daze
Sedated highs at medication time
I'll do the haldol dance at nine
Voices inside proclaim this is the end for me
No chance of hope or being free
They argue with me tell me not to make a sound
As I collapse upon the ground

My doctor drills me with his therapy
To interact among the group
Sleep most of my days and withdraw within my mind
Nothing to do here but kill time
Soon I awakened from some chaos in the hall
Another patient is restrained
Screaming to someone who clearly isn't there
My fingers pulling out my hair

When will it end...? It never ends
It never...

It's rainy outside almost everyday
It's always cloudy in my mind
It's hard to hear so many voices in my head
And what they whisper isn't kind
It's hard to explain what is going on inside
Just want to get off this ride
Delirium keeps pushing me beyond control
Life has just died within my soul

Dementia rots my soul
Tears only fill the empty hole
Internal pain has scarred my life
Eternal sadness day and night
If there's a god, please let me die!
Don't let me suffer in the next life
I say a prayer, I say good-bye
Break down the walls from the inside...

When will it end...?

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