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Taxidermy Recital
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  • Chanson: Morgantown2000
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Textes et Paroles de Morgantown2000

This is a song about Morgan

It's not real long or played on an organ

It's just a tribute to a girl

From California

Well Morgan sits at home

Eating from a box of Ritz

A UFO lands in the yard

And inspiration hits

She goes outside to greet

Her guests from the stars

They say they have to go

But they hand her a guitar

This is a song about a song

This is a song about a song

Well Morgan escaped

Out a window one day

And she went around the world

Yeah, she went sailing away

And when she got back home

She decided to play

Hey hey hey

And Morgan says maybe love won't

Let you down. All of your failures

Are training grounds. And just as your back's turned,

You'll be surprised, she says, as your solitude subsides.

Well I saw her standing there

She was sitting in a chair

And she was blond with

dark brown hair

and she suffered from the heat

of the stagelight's glare

in the air! And


This is a song about a song and you might say

I can't write a song about that and I

Say that you're wrong

You're so wrong, so

God damn wrong

You're so wrong

You're so

god damn wrong

You're so goddamn wrong

You're so goddamn wrong

You're so goddamn wrong

Cuz it's my song

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