Paroles Mythological Monsters de Taxidermy Recital

Taxidermy Recital
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  • Artiste: Taxidermy Recital36771
  • Chanson: Mythological Monsters
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Textes et Paroles de Mythological Monsters

He's walking through the forest

He doesn't make a sound

No one ever sees him

Just his footprints on the ground

He goes by many names

Some people think he's strange

People find him scary

But he's just really hairy


All covered in soot


Eating spaghetti

She's swimming in the lake

At half past 8

She's never been seen

This animal marine

One day she'll be found

In this giant ness

She's not a monster

Scotland's her address


Want's to be free

Loch Ness

Is playing chess.

She's out in the ocean

All by her lonesome

She sings pretty songs

There's no right or wrong

She's half fish and girl

Wears her pearls

She swims the seven seas

Hoping for a breeze


Her hair in braids


From Japan

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