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  • Artiste: ThaiVietG42139
  • Chanson: Together We Rize
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Textes et Paroles de Together We Rize


together we rize
together we fall (x4)

(Verse 1)
now as time moves on
i know we all grown fast
but this life that we livin got us thinkin bout the past
what could we have done
to make it better
i notice you dawg tryin to make it out this cold weather
its all G
do your thang homie and ill meet you on top
with so many shatter dreams
still we feel like ghetto stars
am i wrong for the wrods i preach
everythang that i speak im jus bein me
so please believe in this game it will get colder
just be real to the heart cuhz we the last standin soldiers
i know its hard time
but my eyes on the prize
so i cant stop now fo my family ima shine
all the homies doin time i promise we gone make it
whatever it takes homie
dont ever lose the faith
i wrote this from my heart
and i wrote this from my soul
i wrote it from my place where i keep all my dawgz

so keep your faith cuhz we gone make it
and thats on me
promise together
we rize
to the top where we should be (x2)

(Verse 2)
holla if you need me to be there dawg
i know the times gettin stressful but we risin above the fall
and times gettin hard
i just think about the days
when all the homies together instead of locked up in the pen
thinkin when will this end
this crazy life of sin
year by year we all meetin up in the pen
gotta keep my head up
and rise to the shinin star
foe my family in the streets and my family behind bars
and i know its really far
but i keep it moving straight
so when i go ima handle everybodies weight
all my real homies
that been down since day one
much respect to my dawgz
representin till we gone
only few that is real
so the few that i choose
in my life
cause they always been there for me
payin dues through the night
stayin down for the cause
stayin down in my heart
stayin down for the homie
when they days so hard

so keep your faith cuhz we gone make it
and thats on me
promise together
we rize
to the top where we should be (x2)

(Verse 3)
when the sun starts to shine in the hood
thats when you know everythangs all good
in my heart i know
i know our times gonna come
livin this life where we no longer on the run
i know we gettin desperate
takin drastic measures
day to day we facing these penetentiary chances
i will not see fame
till im old n gray
or once i feel
i made a difference in this game
so together we rize
together we fall
i swear if i make it then we shall ball
the sky is the limit
just like heaven
on top of the world where this the sins is all forgiven
just smile for me homie
cuase the times comin slowly
and i know in my heart
that we all down to shine
so im payin all my dues
and i do it for my crew
and we all be happy in a matter of time

so keep your faith cuhz we gone make it
and thats on me
promise together
we rize
to the top where we should be (x2)

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