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The Source
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  • Chanson: Five Steps
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Textes et Paroles de Five Steps


End of conversation
It smashed my perfect views
The stage I act upon's a bomb
I'll only light the fuse


There is no way I'll find my end
I'm strong I won't descend
With turmoil I will now oppose
Corrupt the roots of pain
Mist inside my head


I've done such things I don't regret
With pride I see my downfall
The first of millions to go
I'm shattered without savior


I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of six six six like Faust
For one more time of being around
Deny the holy ghost
I'm descending feel my ending not afraid of one pale death


One more drink before I leave
One more kiss before I go
One more sunshine till I rise
One more night before I die

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