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The Source
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  • Chanson: Bringing Out The Dead
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Textes et Paroles de Bringing Out The Dead

It's time we knew what we have done
The malice brought up on us all
A modern plague to sweep the world
This premise's written in our code
Cast in stone truth no more join with the lost
Lives are dissected and sold
This endless morbid voyeurism
Will threaten to devour us all
The caste of ravens in control
They feed the masses what they want
Oh god of ratings bless us now
We're selling prime time of our souls
Pray for death pray for rape let there be war
Then we'll sympathize with the lost
The more of suffering we sip
The suffer we feel in our home
Aaaargh bringing out the dead
The pain the hate the misery
Till our collective hunger's fed
Aaaargh bringing out the dead
The greed, despair and avarice
Till our collective needs are met
Emotions are commodities
They're nurtured by our TV screens
Alleviate your sense of guilt
By selling publicly your sins
Dignity sympathy they are foreclosed
Ultimate submission the goal
The underprivileged are whored
Lack of compassion and control
Aaargh bringing out the dead
In our minds in our homes
Nothing's ever left unsaid
Aaaargh bringing out the dead
In our hearts in our souls
Nothing ever left to save

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